Volume 6
Issue 1

Texas Music Magazine is an international internet publication covering high profile events on a world wide scale. We cover the events that bring the most to the table. So, since you can't please everyone we will do the very best we can to bring you stories and photos from the real entertainment conferences. Up Close and behind the scenes.

What's New
Industry News
Articles and stories relating the state of the music industry and the challenges facing independent and corporate brick and mortar establishments as well as the dreaded .com.

Press release information mixed with informed commentary provides an insightful information blend.

People -

David Foster Named "Person of the Year" - Midem 2001

Dixie Chicks - Local Acts Garner Music Awards And Grammy Nominations

The mover's and shakers in the world of entertainment. Honorees and inductees are featured in this area, as well as, profiles of some lesser known success stories. Video interviews will be featured in this area.

Events - Midem 2001 January 22 - 25, 2001

Legal, Songwriting, and other subjects related to music and the business of music.

Video clips, still images and articles

Date Last Modified: 1/3/2001